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Make Room for More!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Muse bartender Sean Mahoney crafts the Screamin’ Eagle. Photographs (2) by Lindsey Ahern

November 21, 2012

Make Room for More!
Overindulge more comfortably with Muse’s Screamin’ Eagle

written by Jennifer N. Dienst

Feeling excited for but almost daunted by the sheer volume of holiday dishes to be consumed at tomorrow’s feast? Consider whipping up an apéritivo, a drink traditionally enjoyed before dinner to stimulate the appetite.

In our November issue, we featured Muse bartender Sean Mahoney’s The Screamin’ Eagle, a play off of a classic negroni with a base of gin, sweet vermouth, and bitters. It gets its curious bite from Fernet-Branca—a potent Amaro that Mahoney floats on top of the cocktail—and its name from the bottle’s eagle logo.

“It’s a versatile cocktail that’s an apéritivo as well as a digestif, light and refreshing with a bittersweet finish,” says the bartender, who suggests a “wee-nip” of it during dinner so you can continue to enjoy the evening. Hey, we’ll give thanks for that!

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