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On the Town: Holy Guacamole!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Minero chef de cuisine Wesley Grubbs (inset) shares the recipe for the restaurant’s buzzed-about guacamole. Photographs (2) by Ruta Elvikyte

May 4, 2016

Holy Guacamole!
How to make Minero’s star dip

Diced peppers, black beans, corn, even pineapple—it seems there’s an endless list of ingredients that can be added to guacamole. But as the folks in Minero’s kitchen (that’d be chef/partner Sean Brock and chef de cuisine Wesley Grubbs) know, the extras aren’t all that necessary to whip up a purely delicious bowl. “Avocados are so great on their own,” explains Grubbs. “Why mask the star ingredient?” Here, he divulges the recipe for Minero’s dip, just in time for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. (Note: This recipe yields two cups of guac. For larger parties, the chef recommends doubling it.)

1. Halve three Hass avocados and remove seeds. Scoop out the pulp in large chunks and place in a bowl.

2. Add two tablespoons plus two teaspoons salsa verde (get the restaurant’s recipe here); one-quarter cup chopped cilantro; two tablespoons chopped green onion; and a pinch of salt, to taste.

3. Mix to combine—but don’t over mash. You want a varied texture throughout.

4. Scoop into your desired serving dish, then garnish with chopped cilantro, green onion, sliced radish, and a dusting of chili powder.

5. Serve immediately. “Guacamole doesn’t keep well, so eat it all,” Grubbs advises. “Enjoy the fruits of your labor!”

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