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Decking the (Music) Hall

Friday, December 11, 2015

Jennifer and Brad Moranz (inset) create a new Charleston Christmas Special each year featuring performers from around the country. Photographs (2) by Damon R. Smith

december 9, 2015

Decking the (Music) Hall

For the 20th year running, The Charleston Christmas Special delivers the merry and bright—catch it by December 20

Written By
Alex Keith

“We get to continually reimagine Christmas,” says Brad Moranz of himself and wife Jennifer—the directors and choreographers behind The Charleston Christmas Special, celebrating its 20th year at the Charleston Music Hall this month.
Former Broadway performers, Brad and Jennifer moved to Charleston in 1995 to be in the musical’s first season. They never dreamed that three years later, they would take the reins completely and would recreate the show in its entirety each year to come.

The Moranzs present the finished product to nearly 10,000 people annually each December. Incorporating classic and contemporary tunes, a chorus line, a live band, and humorous skits, the show features professional singers, dancers, and musicians from around the country. New to this year’s lineup is Rodney Archie, a principal soloist for the Harlem Gospel Choir. “He’s one of the most soulful, inspirational, amazing singers I’ve ever heard,” says Brad, who has been looking to add Archie to the production for years.

“To see how much the show lifts the audience’s spirits is incredible,” he notes. “We do it to entertain, to make people happy.”

The Charleston Christmas Special runs through December 20 at the Charleston Music Hall, 37 John St. For tickets ($36-$33; $19 student; $16 child under 13) and details, click here.

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