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Paper Flowers

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  • Varying sizes of recycled tissue or crêpe paper
  • Clear tape
  • Floral wire
  • Zig-zag pattern scissors or pinking shears

Step 1: Lay a full sheet of tissue or crêpe paper flat on a level surface. Fold the sheet in half: first lengthwise, then crosswise, and crosswise again.

Step 2: Hold the paper on the folded edge and use the zig-zag scissors or pinking shears to cut edges. You can use other pattern scissors to create a textured collection of flowers.

Step 3: Secure the flower by tacking the base of the folded paper with clear tape.

Step 4: Unfurl your paper bloom, securing with small pieces of tape as needed to create a full shape.

Step 5: Use floral wire to mount your flowers to chairs, light fixtures, and table settings. See thefull fête for more ideas.

• Also check out for a selection of eco-friendly tissue paper.

Variations & Ideas:

1. Paper Boutonniere
To make mini paper flowers, cut paper to 4-by-4”. Follow directions above. Wrap wire stem with floral tape and ribbon and finish with a pearl-headed pin.

2. Paper Bouquet
Bunch medium sized blooms together and secure with floral tape. Cover tape with satin ribbon.