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Winter 2009

Lawton Cooper Ginn & Eric Yon; November 8, 2008, French Huguenot Church & Carolina Yacht Club (South Property)

Kaminer Haislip & Matt Quinn; September 20, 2008, First (Scots) Presbyterian Church & The William Aiken House

Martha Kent Jenkinson & Michael Runey October 25, 2008, Church of the Holy Communion & Lowndes Grove Plantation

Ashleigh Volland & Matthew Whitmore; October 11, 2008, Parish Church of St. Helena & Beaufort Waterfront Park

Kristin McCall & Russell Smith, October 11, 2008, Second Presbyterian Church & The Historic Rice Mill

Megan McNally & Michael Spillars; October 18, 2008, Charleston’s French Huguenot Church & the Francis Marion Hotel

Elizabeth West & Rob Duffey; October 2008, Edisto Beach

Easy crafts transform plain Jane (but tasty) treats into something stunning. Plus, great coordinating wedding projects, all from Ooh! Events.

Revive a centuries-old tradition at your reception

Baked confectioners and Sideshow Press stationers accent a smorgasbord of sweet treats with fancy cupcakes, hot cocoa favors, and stenciled brownies

Crisp, clean, & contemporary design

Alli Hobbs & Mark Peavy; October 25, 2008, Confederate Women’s Home

Celeste Rose & Joshua Pratt; December 21, 2008, The William Aiken House

A Lowcountry transplant learns not to let a little bling get in the way of a really good thing

Whether you’re marrying with God’s law, man’s law, or both, keep your ceremony legal

Ashley Bakery marries off its last daughter with a grand finale of confections

What’s hot? Piling on priceless gems and mixing warm yellows with cool whites

A hometown fashionista enlists A-list local designers to create her custom wedding day ensemble

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