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You spend months hunting for the perfect wedding dress, and then once you find it, you only have one measly (but-oh-so BIG) day to wear it.

So, what’s a couple to do once their wedding has come and gone? Follow Summer Teegardin’s lead, and throw a party. The Charleston resident, who married her husband Randy, June 15, 2002, says she often looks back on her wedding day and yearns to don her fabulous dress, dance with her friends, and celebrate all over again with her husband. Says Summer, “After talking it over with some friends, we decided to throw a party for all our married friends so we could do just that.” Thus, the Wedding Bash was born.

Held August 21, 2010, Summer and her crew met at the ballroom at the Country Club of Charleston where they dined on mahi-mahi and shrimp and grits poppers, and danced to Lee Edwards DJ. Each couple twirled to their own “first dance,” and when the time came for cutting the cake from Ashley Bakery, all of the grooms stood at the ready, butter knives in hand. “It was hilarious,” says Summer.

(clockwise from top left) sisters-in-law Megan Norvell and Emily Ford twirl in their gowns; Tindal and Lori Hart, married August 21, 1999, take a breather amidst the action; a host of one-time brides hit the dance floor; Matt and Amanda Blue, married December 1, 2001, enjoy a repeat “first dance;” Ashley Bakery made a cake, which only ended up one husband’s face; couples traded Big Day formalities for funky dance moves;
Randy and Summer Teegardin, married June 15, 2002, organized the event for friends. (center) Scott and Katie Kibler, married December 30, 2000, wore a boutonniere and carried a bouquet, respectively.  

Band:  Lee Edwards DJ,
Cake:  Ashley Bakery,
Invitations:  Paperless Post,
Location:  Charleston Country Club of Charleston,
Photographs by Clay Tucker