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Following up on last week’s cake-themed post, here’s a second batch of desserts we’ve been admiring. Each of these gorgeous white confections features a different detail—exquisite texture, gorgeous blooms, unique shapes—to daydream over. For instance, check out Jim Smeal’s  creation at top left corner; the lace pattern it wears matches the bride’s dress. 


And take a look at the mascarpone coconut cake in the top right corner that Susan Zara of SuZara’s Kitchen made for the Sherini-Hall nuptials. While reception-goers enjoyed a pie-stocked dessert bar, the couple shared this coconut creation after the wedding festivities. Says bride Alicia, “We took it home where we shamelessly ate it all week long!” What a great idea! 


Looking for a place to make your dream confection come to life? Check out our online vendor directory here. 



(clockwise from top left) Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal (Gayle Brooker Photography); SuZara’s Kitchen, (843) 379-2160 (Sposa Bella Photography); Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal (Juliet Elizabeth Photography); Elaine’s Events—Cakes of Distinction (Gayle Brooker Photography); Elaine’s Events—Cakes of Distinction (Heather Forsythe Photography); Granville’s Café and Catering (photograph by Marni Rothschild Pictures); Elaine’s Events—Cakes of Distinction (photograph by Marni Rothschild Pictures); Baked (photograph by Karyn Iserman); Elaine’s Events—Cakes of Distinction  (photograph by Richard Israel)