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Have you ever been to a wedding reception where you spotted a guest secretly eating a piece—or two—of cake while the rest of the crew is mingling and showing off their dance moves? Well, I have. I am that guest.

I often find myself moseying to a friend’s reception thinking, “Cheers to the happy couple! Let’s try the cake already!” 


Here are a few cakes to “ooh and aah” over. We saw a slew of sweet treats this past season in bold oranges, hot pinks, and romantic reds. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’d bet they were pretty tasty, too.


Looking for even more wedding inspo? Tune in to “My News 2 with Tara Lynn” on Monday at 11.a.m. Our very own editor Melissa Bigner will be there to help kick off the show’s wedding week. Word on the street is that she’ll be sharing secret and off-the-beaten-path wedding locations. 


In the meantime, stay tuned. Next Friday, I’ll have another batch of cakes ready for you to admire. 


For more on local bakeries, check out our online vendor directory here.




(clockwise from top left) Elaine’s Events—Cakes of Distinction (photograph by Squire Fox Weddings); dolce (photograph by Karyn Iserman); The Cake Stand (photograph by Karyn Iserman); Mediterra Catering (Kim Graham Photography); Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal  (photograph by Captured by Kate); Publix (Leigh Webber Photography); Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal (photograph by Squire Fox Weddings); The Cake Stand (Kim Graham Photography