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’Tis the Season to Say “Yes!”

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

IMAGES BY (from left) Chip Litherland Photography, Carolina Photosmith, & Holy City Photography

december 29, 2010

’Tis the Season to Say “Yes!”
Awwww! Check out how the question’s getting popped to Lowcountry gals

WRITTEN BY Melissa Bigner

Since so many men are dropping to their knees and asking for their lady loves’ hands this time of year, we thought we’d share three sweet such engagement stories that readers shared with us this year. Take a peek, and if you know of anyone who has good news to share, let us know! Tell them to click here to have their engagement announcement and photo published for free on And in the meantime, congrats to one and all from us here at the magazine!

Christina Hobgood said “Yes!” to Eddie Naugle January 17, 2010
The Lead Up
This past January, James Island residents Eddie Naugle and Christina Hobgood set out on what she thought was just another stroll on the beach in Naples, Florida, where the two were vacationing for a family wedding weekend. The pair had known each other as soccer-playing students at the College of Charleston, but it was only after they kept on keeping in touch through post-grad jobs (his) and grad school (her) and moves (both) that they became a couple. As they walked and talked that winter evening about their path to that point, Eddie noted that because of their start-and-stop friendship, they had never celebrated a true anniversary date. Then he pulled a plane ticket from his pocket—the one dated January 17, his first trip to see her when she had lived there in Naples—and noted that here they were on the same beach together on another January 17. Christina says she was swept away from his sentimental gesture, and then blown away when his face took on a serious look and he fell to one knee.

The Big Ask
“Eddie asked me if I would allow him to spend every last breath giving me the fairytale I have always dreamed of,” Christina says, “and I immediately began crying because this was the moment I had always dreamed of.” Nothing could have better captured it, she says, than the New York Times photographer who happened to be passing by to get the sunset from the Naples Pier. “With his photo,” says Christina, “Eddie and I are able to share with our loved ones that moment just after the proposal, when tears turned into laughter and giddiness.” Leaving the beach, they returned to their rental house that friends and family (who were also visiting Naples) decorated to celebrate their engagement.

Monica Harvey said “Yes!” to Casey Lavin May 14, 2010
The Lead Up
Casey told Monica that they were going camping in North Carolina for her birthday weekend this past spring. But when the Summerville residents hit the road after a full day’s work, Casey opted for staying in Charlotte for the night, and continuing the drive the next morning. At 7 a.m., their hotel room alarm clock went off and Casey handed Monica her passport, saying the Bahamas sounded a little better than camping.

The Big Ask
Later that evening, after checking into a resort, the couple's butler came to fetch them for dinner. As he drove a golf cart toward the restaurant, he asked Monica if she had ever seen the sand sparkle during sunset? She answered no, so the trio took a side trip to a dock overlooking the beach. When Casey and Monica got out to take a good look, she saw there was a spotlight shining down on a sandy message: “Will you marry me, Muffin?” (Muffin being Monica’s pet name). Following a diamond ring, a “Yes!”, and another “side trip” to a private, terraced sculpture garden where candles and a Monica-menu (her favorite foods) waited, the bride-to-be phoned her mom and sister to share the news. Since Casey had called the women for their approval before asking for his girlfriend’s hand, they were on hand to answer. Talk about a man who thinks of everything!

Amanda Prillaman said “Yes!” to Micah Nichols May 26, 2010
The Backstory
This couple’s relationship goes waaaaay back to 10th grade when they dated for a month or two but split because best friends “can't date.” They maintained their friendship through other romances, though, and even set one another up on other dates from graduation and on. But since each claims no one knows them better than the other, and a seven-year friendship makes for an “unbelievable relationship,” says Amanda, romance came back into the picture. Two years later, Micah met a big sparkling diamond and introduced it to Amanda. Here’s how it went down.

The Big Ask
Carrying Papa Zuzu’s to-go, a beach towel, and a leather case (holding a “surprise ”), the couple strolled to Marion Square—the site of their first official date—just before sunset one spring night. Amanda thought Micah was merely recreating that date of old for a special evening. They sat on a beach towel reminiscing when, as if on cue, the church bells started ringing. Micah opened the case, pulled out the ring, got on one knee, and asked Amanda, who was “clueless” over the doings, to marry him.

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