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September 2014


Everyone who went through Hurricane Hugo has a story—a memory as dramatic and unforgettable as the storm itself. Hugo left us with boats on land, houses in water, and fish in places where fish aren’t supposed to be.

The Charleston Home

After debating between two coasts, Lynne and Steve Hamontree settled on Sullivan’s Island and, with help from area designer Cortney Bishop, revamped a spec home to reflect their particular brand of West-meets-East Coast cool

Style File

Taking inspiration form the Lowcountry landscape, we handpicked stunning, luxurious adornments from the city's top jewlers and designers. 

The Charleston Profile

From “grown-to-sewn” to big vats of moody blues, Donna Hardy is dyeing to reclaim history

Home & Garden
Southern View

One local writer remembers the post-Hugo cleanup and all the sensations that went with it, from indoor tidemarks to ever-buzzing chain saws

Channel Markers

A gorgeous coffee-table tome

Local Music

Shovels & Rope’s sophomore album heads for folk glory

Channel Markers

A sneak peek at the new Gaillard Center’s stunning mural

Local Seen

Checking in with Park Circle Film Society cofounder Nicholai Burton before this month’s Lowcountry Shorts Festival

So Charleston

While the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) was endangered only a few decades ago, these armor-plated crocodilians have made a comeback.

Biz - Sci - Tech

Alfred Crabtree, master silversmith and brassmonger, has been tending Charleston’s treasures for decades

Biz - Sci - Tech

Meet a local Martha Stewart American Made Awards finalist

Arts Profile

Karl Beckwith Smith creates murals on canvas for homes and businesses all over town

Giving Back Profiles

For 57 years, Historic Charleston Foundation (HCF) has been saving endangered downtown homes through a ground-breaking revolving fund

Gardening 101

This beloved shrub lives up to its botanical name—Osmanthus fragrans—offering dainty clusters of heady blooms

The Review

6 Payne Ct.
(843) 579-3060

Quick Bite

Craig Deihl, Cypress’ longtime executive chef, dishes on his new charcuterie spot

Quick Bite

Joe and MariElena Raya expand their line of James Island-made craft cocktail mixers

Quick Bite

Home Team BBQ’s Aaron Siegel shares three fresh uses for peanuts

Quick Bite

This isn’t the rigorous omelet-making process Cru Catering and Café’s John Zucker studied at Le Cordon Bleu, but the more relaxed method he prefers when cooking at home. “Use super-fresh eggs,” he notes.

Quick Bite

Since the surprise victory of the ’73 Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon at the Judgment of Paris in 1976, California cabs have rightfully taken their place amongst the world’s wine elite.

Style File
Style File

Throwing a pink sweater over a silver skirt, milly proves that metallics can layer with day wear. For our version, we chose a dress with a bit less luster and ditched the gloves

Style File

Hurray for this season’s comfier heels! Get tips on wearing the style

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