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This week, our art director, Melinda Monk, and I are giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our redesign of Charleston Home. As you may have heard, our team has been working on updating the look and content of the magazine to bring you more of what you need to inspire your life here in the Lowcountry. Although the concept-planning began months ago, the work—the real work—started about three weeks ago. That’s when the wheels really starting turning, as Mel and her art department began selecting fonts, designing sample layouts, identifying strengths and weaknesses—all on its way to a new look that reflects Charleston Home’s targeted editorial objectives: a magazine that’s resourceful, accessible, inspired.

In the coming days, we’ll give you a peek behind the curtain, at what goes into the design and production of a new look. In the meantime, I’m hunkered down with the articles—fresh visuals go hand in hand with a revitalized approach to delivering information. New departments start with a blank slate, while old departments need to reflect our current objectives. Last week, our work was all about Diascia (a cooler weather plant that works as a dreamy groundcover) and the clever revamp of a small Bee Street condo (think space-saving solutions to petite downtown digs). Plus, I’ve been busy running down the best ways to restyle a bedroom. As you can see in the attached sketch, our ideas start out much less refined than how they appear on the finished pages.
Stay tuned!
Ellen and Mel