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Three quick and easy tips for readying your nest for the New Year

The little hiatus between Christmas and New Year’s is terrific for restoring order to the house. And not just correcting the Christmas chaos of prior weeks (cleaning up after houseguests, tidying a holiday-worn kitchen, etc.). Rather, everyone I speak to has commenced a full-on nesting kick, prompted more by anticipation of a new year than anything else. And most of us have an extra day or two off this time of year to really dig in.

New Year’s Nesting Basics:
(Enough said. Clean House=Clean Slate)
(OUT with the old. As in, to the curb, to Goodwill, to the repair shop.)
(A wise local clothing designer once told me she could walk into anyone’s home and see how their life was going. Rushed, harmonious, disengaged, inspired—it’s all apparent inside your front door.)

My top priority task? Getting rid of anything out of date. At home, that means replacing bedding past its prime, tossing out-of-use items—it’s about moving my nest with me into the New Year. At my office, this is just as important. For instance, I typically keep layouts from the last issue up on my wall for a month or so after publication. It’s a quick way to reference previous stories and it serves as a great reminder of the general look of the last issue. This one’s been up WAY too long, but I stripped it today. At once, the wall was ready for the new issue. And so am I. (NOTE: Spring/Summer 2010 publication date is March 14, 2010.)

In the meantime, I'd love to hear what you’re doing in your home or office to get ready for 2010.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of West Elm
Top photo by Theresa D’Alessandro