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Ask anyone who’s hunted it, and they’ll tell you that mid-century modern furniture is not easy to find in this town. There’s a few designers who bend that way, but not a ton. We did a story about a year and a half ago on designer Angie Hranowsky, who offered a rare example of  mid-century architecture + furnishings in her own home. these stories are few and far between.


Some general hallmarks of the mid-20th century style are use of organic elements; low, horizontal lines (in both architecture and furniture design); and simplicity. Frank Lloyd Wright was very influential, as was Scandinavian design. That’s not really a comprehensive explanation, but many of us grew up with it so envisioning it is easy. I think of the Brady Bunch house. And though East Coast ranch houses tend to be a boxier incarnation than California versions, they grew out of that same era. We just don’t see much of the remnants of that trend. We managed to relocate the bungalow to our burbs, but Pacific architecture has, for the most part, remained relatively foreign here. Maybe we’re loyal to our centuries-old styles? Maybe we lack the hills to build into so naturally and organically? Interesting ideas.

In the meantime, I found some cool chairs over the weekend at a shop in my neighborhood, Cose Belle on Beaufain Street. I stroll by on my way to the gym on weekends, and this past one, I happened in. I was surprised to find several hot little numbers. There were some buffets and occasional tables, too, but I thought I’d snap a few photos of the chairs to give a quick idea. A few were very well-priced—it isn’t easy, after all, to find a handsome vintage chair for under $300. But hey, pricey or not, bring on the mid-century!

Top: Pair of leather lounge chairs, $275 each



Above: Chair from machine metal three-piece bistro table and chairs set, $500 for set


Above: Paul McCobb dining chair (one of four) with table, $2,500
Cose Belle
6 Beaufain St., Charleston
(843) 973-7213

Other local mid-century sources:
Angie Hranowsky Design Studio
57 Cannon Street
Charleston, SC 29403
phone: 843.810.3286
fax: 843.225.0514