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Last-minute Halloween craft idea

I was looking for last-minute Halloween ideas, and found this spooky project from our Fall 2008 issue. It's super easy to make—simply customize candleholders you already have by cutting out eerie images from black paper and adhere with spray adhesive. Full instructions below.

Have a fantastically scary Halloween!


Clear glass vase
1 8.5" x 11" sheet of black vellum for a small vase
1 sheet of black poster-size art paper for a large vase
Design template
X-acto knife
Spray adhesive
Black river rocks

Measure paper to size of vase and cut to fit.

Draw your own design (on plain paper) or download one from Internet clip art, then print.

Use tape to adhere design template to black paper or vellum. Trace around image with an X-acto knife, cutting through the printed template to the paper or vellum. Remove template and retrace lines to make sure the cut is clean.

Apply spray adhesive to the back of the paper or vellum, then wrap around vase.

Center candle in vase and secure with the rocks.


-Photographs by Kaitlyn Iserman