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Looking for a good source for decorative drawer liners? I’ve scoured retail outlets in search of good-looking options, always coming up empty—or settling for something that will just "do." I’ve used anything from leftover wallpaper to overpriced decorative paper and spray adhesive as a replacement for the lackluster retail options. But I really like for hundreds of neat designs, from super contemporary to pretty florals (they’ve even got sleek, silvery industrial patterns). Each comes in a simple matte paper that you order with or without adhesive (around $20-$28 per roll), fabric ($32.50), laminated vinyl ($32.50), or satin canvas with adhesive edging ($60). Pretty reasonable for small projects.

These papers are great for dressing up:
* Interiors of bookcases
* Dull office or storage pieces (stacking cubes, desktops, etc.)
* Table surfaces, placed under glass pane overlays
* Walls: fit into picture frames for easy DIY art
* Unsightly appliances like refrigerators (you need extra adhesive)