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Giving Back Awards

Meet the honorees, read about their good deeds, learn more about the finalists for Nonprofit of the Year, and join us to celebrate philanthropy in the Lowcountry!

Mission: To encourage and support self-sufficiency and self-worth for people in need in our community through education, wellness, and outreach services


Mission: To help children, adolescents, and adults identify and overcome learning challenges, including learning disabilities, social/behavioral difficulties, ADHD, and dyslexia


Mission: To rescue and re-home horses in need and prevent future cruelty

Mission: To prevent cruelty to animals


Mission: To identify and address vital environmental issues by providing medical care to injured birds of prey and shorebirds


The poet and book editor continues to leave her mark for positive change in the Lowcountry

Planting seeds of transformation in a once-blighted neighborhood and beyond


A small company gives back in a big way—$2.4 million big

The PR maven who donates her media savvy and storytelling skills to great causes


Fifteen years of dedicated work for Sea Island Habitat for Humanity

Making life-saving service a part of daily life

Ensuring a future for People Against Rape

Leading the next generation of do-gooders by example

Lending effort and expertise to a higher calling

Bringing lavish nonprofit fundraisers to fruition on a shoestring

Catering to myriad deserving causes for decades

Sharing the wealth in money and business smarts alike

Empowering employees to get involved

Running and raising funds for wounded vets and locals in need