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The Charleston Profile

  • November 2014

    As he heads down the homestretch, Mayor Riley seems to be gaining steam. He may need it

  • October 2014

    On the water (and in the air) with Chucktown’s own pro kiteboarder, Davey Blair

  • September 2014

    From “grown-to-sewn” to big vats of moody blues, Donna Hardy is dyeing to reclaim history

  • August 2014

    WINGS for Kids CEO Bridget Laird is taking the locally based nonprofit—which focuses on developing social and emotional intelligence in underserved children—to new heights

  • May 2014

    Renowned Charleston milliner Leigh Magar follows South Carolina’s textile history to Columbia’s Olympia Mill Village and finds inspiration for her new line of hand-dyed and -sewn dresses

  • April 2014

    Jacob Lindsey brings equal parts chutzpah and worldly know-how to Charleston’s Civic Design Center

  • February 2014

    Last December, a group of F&B pros gathered at The Grocery downtown—some returning home from as far off as Sonoma and points in between—to pay tribute to chef Frank Lee, a culinary master and mentor, a friend and philosopher who has helped shape a generation of cooks

  • January 2014

    Twelve years ago, local physician Dr. Ann Kulze left her busy Mount Pleasant family practice, dedicating her life’s work to educating the public at large on healthy eating habits and lifestyles. Today—five books, 150 web videos, and countless speaking engagements later—the wellness guru charges on, spreading her mantra to eat right and live life, right now

  • December 2013
  • October 2013

    With a new Emmy and clear focus, John Barnhardt's latest adventure is rolling

  • August 2013

    As far as the independent singer-songwriter is concerned, her stint on American Idol ended on a perfect note, setting the stage for her biggest moment yet & the release of her self-produced debut album, due out this month

  • July 2013

    Preservationist and Civil War reenactor Joseph McGill sleeps in former slave dwellings to bring attention to the other side of plantation life

  • April 2013

    Banking powerhouse Darla Moore is plowing new fields and putting her money where her boots are—on the ground

  • January 2013

    Visionary duo Leighton and Tara Derr Webb reinvent their lives with a culinary-meets-conceptual art venture

  • November 2012

    The Singapore-born classical violinist and Charleston Music Festival co-founder shares notes on her most treasured possessions

  • October 2012

    Mike Kimball tends an innovative urban garden—and shares the fruits of his labor

  • September 2012

    Advertising maven and indomitable CEO Charlotte Beers takes charge of yet another brand. Her own.

  • August 2012

  • July 2012

    The husband and wife behind the Neve + Hawk kids clothing line that debuted at Charleston Fashion Week (CFW) 2012 talk marriage, fashion, and faith

  • May 2012

    Meet the green thumb—and greenhouse—behind the aquarium’s Madagascar exhibit

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