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Gardening 101

Sow radish seeds to spice up the spring garden 

One of the best things to do for your garden come winter? Study up! Research plants for problem spots, find tips for tending what’s already rooted, and dig for fresh inspiration. Sure, the Internet’s a great resource, but a familiar book makes accessing info quick and easy (with no worry over dodgy websites). Here, find a few favorite tomes

What’s happening this month?

Celebrated floral designers team up for a December 3 wreath workshop 

What’s happening this month?

For sweet, cool-weather fruit, plant persimmon trees

What's happening this month

Learn how one couple turned a suburban green space into an Asian contemplative garden

Load up on inspiration, information, and plenty of plants at events around town

For lasting autumn interest, try this combination 

Transform your landscape’s cooler, darker corners with striking foliage and flowers

Plant a successful fall crop with this lesson in tomatoes 101 (seasoned gardeners, even you may find helpful tips here, too!)

Blooms for all seasons, plus housing options and a watering station, can turn even the smallest green space into a sanctuary for native bees

Meet the artist behind Romney Urban Garden’s mosaic mural and get her tips for bringing the art form to your own green spaces

This month, load up on inspiration, information, and plenty of plants at events around town

Daylily afficionados from all over the globe turn to Browns Ferry Gardens for the stunning hybrids they debut year after year

Dying to bring some spring vibrance to the wintery landscape? Start with a brightly blooming mailbox planter