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Chef's Table

  • October 2014

    Barbecue virtuoso Jimmy Hagood puts cane syrup to work in four favorite recipes

  • September 2014

    Home Team BBQ’s Aaron Siegel shares three fresh uses for peanuts

  • August 2014

    Ingredient: Okra
    Alluette Jones-Smalls shares three ideas for this nutritious Southern staple

  • July 2014

    McCrady’s pastry chef Sean Ehland shares three sweet uses for blackberries

  • June 2014

    Frank McMahon of Hank’s and Brasserie Gigi shares three dishes starring local shellfish

  • May 2014

    Pastry chef Emily Cookson serves up sweet ideas for strawberries

  • April 2014

    The Lot’s Alex Lira offers three takes on local asparagus

  • March 2014

    The Macintosh and Oak Steakhouse chef Jeremiah Bacon hatches three egg recipes

  • January 2014

    Cooking collards with Old Village Post House chef Forrest Parker

  • December 2013

    Chef John Ondo transforms Meyer lemons into a meal

  • November 2013

    How’d you like to share a holiday potluck with some of the town’s best chefs? Join hosts Mickey and Ellen Bakst for a special Thanksgiving dinner with their fellow F&B friends­—and pick up some delicious recipes and clever tips along the way

  • October 2013

     Hominy Grill's Robert Stehling transforms the world’s most-consumed protein


  • September 2013

    History takes the plate in recipes using a favorite 19th-century ingredient, sorghum

  • August 2013

    Three late summer field pea dishes from Sarah O'Kelley and Chris Stewart

  • July 2013

    Pastry chef Andrea Lever Upchurch does watermelon both sweet and savory

  • June 2013
  • June 2013

    FIG’s Jason Stanhope shares fresh recipes for the season’s favorite fruit

  • May 2013

    SNOB chef Frank Lee does South Carolina sweet onions three ways

  • April 2013

    Three savory Burden Creek Dairy goat cheese dishes from Carolina’s chef Jill Mathias

  • February 2013

    The Grocery chef Kevin Johnson transforms the common root vegetable with three recipes

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