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Birds of a feather flocked together in support of the Avian Conservation Center and the Center for Birds of Prey on Sunday, December 5. Guests arriving to Wild at Bulls Bay were greeted by a volunteer holding a tiny owl before making their way out to the back patio to watch a feeding presentation of one of the Center’s larger predatory birds out on the golf course.

After the presentation, everyone crowded back inside to peruse the silent auction, snack on heavy hors d'oeuvres, and rub elbows with celebrity conservationist Jack Hanna. The space was tight, but spirits where high and everyone was happy to be supporting a good cause. The sea of party-goers was punctuated with feathered friends, and crowds of awed guests gathered around trainers holding birds of prey of all sizes.

While the live auction was certainly a highlight of the evening, everyone seemed more excited to mingle with Jack Hanna and appreciate these beautiful birds in person.

The Avian Conservation Center was founded in 1991 and works to identify and address critical threats to South Carolina’s habitat and natural resources. The Center also treats and releases injured birds of prey, as well as conducting research into how to best protect our endangered species.