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White cotton candy greeted us as we walked in the the door at 80 East Bay Street, while we heard music pumping from a deejay from a room in the back of the house. It was Spoleto SCENE's annual White Party, and the event lived up to it's billing. Everywhere the eye looked—white shirts, white dresses, white jackets. Just inside the door, we ran into Ayoka Lucas who was wielding a Flip to capture the sea of (almost) all-white couture to post on her blog later.

My wife, Elisabeth, and I had just left Dogugaeshi (which, for me, was mercifully only one hour long). We didn't see any of the Dogugaeshi performers—or puppets—there, but the whole Don John cast spilled in around 11:30. I told Kneehigh founder Mike Shepherd ("Nobby") that they were practically naturalized Charlestonians, they've been here performing so long. What with the music from the deejay blaring from the room right behind us, he, looking puzzled, struggled with my Southern, then I struggled with his Cornish, then we both said, "Yes," and called it night on that conversation.

80 East Bay is currently on the market (and unoccupied, albeit furnished for the party), so everyone had the run of the elegant circa-1800 townhouse. Upstairs, we ran into Meredith Siemens, Garrett Bean, Allison Skipper, and Kristen Ley hanging out, drinks in hand, in a second-story bathroom (the room had a fireplace, so everything was on the up-and-up). Just down the hall, we enjoyed the view from a sunroom with French windows overlooking the party scene developing in the courtyard below.

Things were still cranking up pretty good when midnight struck, but our babysitter's carriage was about to turn back into a pumpkin, so we called it a night to rest up for the next round of performances and parties. Hard to believe only two days of Spoleto '09 left.