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Walking into the Superhero Soiree, one couldn’t help wondering if a little slice of Comic-Con had landed in Charleston. The colorfully lit Hibernian Hall was filled with a melee of strange and exotic characters, ranging from Batman and She-Ra to Lara Croft, a pair of bumble bees, and a red M&M. When questioned about his candy-coated character, attendee Chris Fisher shrugged and explained, “Everyone loves chocolate!” 

Superheroes sustained their strength by nibbling on bites from Barsa, Fuel, Carolina’s, and Cypress, and they also sipped a variety of beverages from Republic Reign, La Bubbly, Catshead Vodka, and Virgil Kaine. DJ United kept the hits coming as caped crusaders mingled and checked out each other costumes, or hit the photo booth. Spartan practiced his moves while Wonder Woman, Superman, and Captain Planet mugged for the camera, and then everyone began to gravitate toward the dance floor.

The first beats of “Sexy and I Know It” sounded through the hall, and Scooby Doo hit the dance floor with some hilarious moves. At one point, DJ United paused the song and took the mic, “Scooby Doo is killin’ it right now!” 

The “Cupid Shuffle” quickly followed, and masked villans and defenders of the peace set aside their differences to bust a move. It was an interesting crowd, and as the night went on, Cheetara, Captain Planet, and Xena Warrior Princess boogied next to a Mario Brother, the Riddler, the Tooth Fairy, and what one can only guess was the Hamburgler. 

As Batman and Catwoman began to get down in a superhero dance-off of sorts, DJ United again took the mic with a laugh, “Ya’ll, that is the most gangster Batman I have ever seen!” Finally the evening drew to a close, and all the colorful characters reluctantly made their way off the dance floor and out into the crisp fall evening.

The Superhero Soiree was a fundraiser for the Sustainability Institute, which was founded in 1999. The local award-winning nonprofit organization strives to empower South Carolinians to conserve energy and reduce our environmental impact where we live and work.