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The magic of Spoleto, in addition to the world class performances, lectures, and exhibits, is how multicultural it is. Cedar Lake's Saturday night Spoleto Party was a perfect example as dancers from all over the world converged on the College of Charleston's President's House. Mixed in with the patrons it was easy to spot the company members, a happy group of exquisitely fit internationals. One performer shared how lucky he felt to have joined the company directly out of high school, seven years ago. The beauty of Cedar Lake is that Walmart heiress and founder, Nancy Walton Laurie, has been insistent that her performers be able to do contemporary ballet as a full time job, which is to say the cast members live in New York City and don't have to have second and third jobs to survive. A rarity I think the happy-go-lucky freelance performers (I met the night prior) of Hay Fever would have been surprised by.

Holy City Catering laid out a feast of small bites on Greek key table clothes and Southside mojito-esque cocktails were served by Gilmore Bar & Wine Service. While sipping and snacking, partygoers indulged in small talk about additional performances they'd seen including Mike Daisey's The Agony and the Ecstacy of Steve Jobs. Incidentally, while the guests had enjoyed the monologist's show, they agreed that they wouldn't be changing their iPhones to Blackberry's any time soon.

Spoleto general director Nigel Redden was spotted making the rounds, shaking hands, and greeting the patrons who, with already a few parties under their belts, seemed eager for more.  And a few more await, with additional fun to be had this next weekend. Another show, another candlelit fête.