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The Morris Lighthouse on Folly Beach is one of Charleston’s more notable landmarks, and locals braved the rain for Save the Light’s annual oyster roast at the colorful Bowens Island Restaurant. 

Though the January weather was less than ideal, oyster lovers cheerfully donned rain slickers and got down to business. Some veteran partygoers worked as a team, one person holding the umbrella while the other shucked oysters. The Save the Light Oyster Roast is a favorite among locals, but this year also saw several enthusiastic newcomers. First time attendee and Russian native Tanya Blanche took video of partygoers working at the oyster tables, and laughed, “I’ve never seen this before! It’s so interesting.”

The huge pots of oysters steamed during the party, and fresh heaps of oysters seemed to appear on the tables out of nowhere as soon as the piles got low. Though guests laughed about the weather, the increasing rain soon drove much of the crowd indoors.

Hot dogs and chili were available inside the building for those not interested in shellfish, and the Shakin’ Martinis set a cozy mood with their rockin’ tunes. It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon for those who attended, a low key way to relax after the holidays while supporting the preservation of one of Charleston’s beautiful historic landmarks. 

Save the Light, a local non-profit organization, strives to preserve and protect the Morris Island Lighthouse from erosion and the threat of being lost to the sea. The organization purchased the lighthouse from the previous owner in 1999 and gave it to the state in 2000. Save the Light retains all responsibility for planning, engineering, fundraising, and executing all aspects of the preservation of the Morris Island Lighthouse.