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Before the Pour It Forward event on Wednesday evening, my typical response to an unexpected possum encounter involved a lot of shrieking and flailing of the arms. However, as I stood eye-to-eye with a gerbil-sized baby possum at the Square Onion Too—it was riding atop a young partygoers head—I actually found the little guy to be pretty cute.

Baby possums are rarely welcome guests in the Charleston benefit circle, but they were all the rage at this month’s Pour It Forward, a monthly wine tasting fundraiser hosted by the Square Onion Too. The featured furry friends were presented by Keeper of the Wild and could be found throughout the party, nestled amongst coiffed hair, perched on shoulders, or peering out from cupped hands.

These bug-eyed little critters warmed hearts and helped keep everyone focused on this month’s charitable cause, local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization Keeper of the Wild.

Guests lounged on garden chairs, sipped wine under the tents, or ducked inside for a gourmet bite, and live music kept the afternoon festive. It was the perfect way to unwind after a long workday, and everyone was happy to benefit a charitable cause.

Keeper of the Wild is local non-profit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and returning injured, orphaned, or displaced wildlife to appropriate natural habitats.