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Veteran Palette and Palate Strollers know the rules: come prepared! Show up on time, well-hydrated, wearing comfortable shoes, and with a game plan. Lovingly nicknamed the Sip-n-Sprint by some guests, this popular annual CFADA (Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association) event challenges art aficionados and foodies to choose their favorites among the eleven gallery and restaurant pairings or to try and make every single one.

“We’ve got 13 minutes and 47 seconds at each gallery,” Charleston Art magazine's Stacy Huggins declared, looking at her list for the evening. While some strollers actually had a to-the-minute personal gallery agenda, others were content to enjoy the event at a more leisurely pace.

Each of the eleven featured galleries offered guests the opportunity to peruse beautiful works of fine art while savoring small plates from some of Charleston’s finest restaurants. This year’s Palette and Palate was remarkably cooler than the previous year, but galleries featured chilled beverages to help keep everyone refreshed.

While some spaces offered the more traditional red-or-white wine and canapés, others took the opportunity to get a little creative. The Wells Gallery and Boathouse Restaurant served up tasty crab salad and a vodka pineapple basil cocktail, while the Corrigan Gallery welcomed guests with snow cones and Cypress dished out lamb pastrami inside. Chef Sean Brock of McCrady’s and Smith Killian Gallery had heartier Mortadella meatballs and prosecco, while Robert Lange Studios and the Charleston Grill offered a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage option in addition to wine and delicious gourmet bites. The Martin Gallery was the only stop to feature live music, and strollers happily indulged in beef short ribs on sweet potato biscuits while sipping Social’s signature sparkling wine, La Bubbly, and listening to the V Tones.

Palette and Palate is hosted by the CFADA, which was founded in 1999 by gallery owners and artists dedicated to fostering and promoting Charleston as a fine art destination. Palette and Palate is an annual event benefitting the CFADA’s visual arts scholarship.