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Few things bring Charlestonians together like great food and the opportunity to support our local community, so it was no surprise to see a large crowd turn out to Lowcountry Local First’s 6th Annual Chef’s Potluck.

This year’s fete was graced with sunny skies, and partygoers crowded into the pavilion at Middleton Plantation, their mouths watering. While some guests paused to mug for the camera at a farm-themed photo booth, most bee-lined for one of the many tables offering up gourmet small plates. 

Garage Cuban Band belted out festive Latin tunes to help get the party started, and soon a long line had formed at both the bar and most of the stations. 

Poogan’s Porch dished up crispy braised Keegan-Filion pork with smoked crab ho cake and an arugula salad while Chef Craig Deihl plated up Legare Farms porchetta and salad of beets, radishes, and Asian greens. Cru Cafe’s house honey cured Legare and Kegan-Filion farm ham with EVOO and cheddar focaccia attracted a line of hungry foodies, and Chef Jason Stanhope of FIG had guests coming back for seconds of his roasted spring lamb socca with farm egg and fava vinaigrette. “I really want another one, but I think the chef is on to me,” one partygoer laughed. “I already took two.”

Perhaps one of the tastiest plates of the day was also one of the cutest: SNOB Chef Shawn Kelly plated up a delicious, pint-sized fried quail po boy with pickled vegetables and aioli. 

Those who attended gathered up several tiny plates and headed out under the tent to find a seat or into the lawn for a picnic table. Everyone chatted about their favorite bites and the amazing weather while listening to the band, and then it was time for the live auction. 

After the auction, many guests wandered out into the spring evening for a stroll around the historic plantation, marveling at the Lowcountry landscape. 

Chef’s Potluck is an annual fundraiser for Lowcountry Local First. The Charleston-based non-profit organization advocates the benefits of a local living economy by strengthening community support of our local-independent businesses and farmers.