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Those in Charleston’s art scene always look forward to the annual Halsey membership party, but this year’s Full Moon party was, well, out of this world. The fete returned for its seventh year and was enthusiastically attended by tinfoil and antennae-clad art aficionados.

NASA pilots and astronauts lined up for their turn in the moon photo booth, manned by Sully Sullivan, while The Royal Tinfoil rocked out in the main hall and partygoers congregated around the hors d'oeuvres table. Guests filtered in and out of the gallery, admiring Hamid Rahmanian and Tanja Softić’s pieces, and one foil-clad pair of moon walkers could be spotted - and heard - swishing their way through the party. “We didn’t try them on before we left for the party,” the sparkling space lady laughed.

An electric pickle show kicked off in the courtyard and the Royal Tinfoil turned up the energy as the night wore on, drawing partygoers away from their MoonPies and cups of Tang and onto the dance floor.

The 7th Annual Full Moon membership party offers everyone an opportunity to support the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art (HICA) through renewing, upgrading, or joining the HICA membership program. The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art works to provide and encourage innovative contemporary art in the Lowcountry.