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Cub Report

Adeline (with camera) and Scout Treadwell with mom Karen sit front row at the Bridal Couture show.
Photograph by Kelly Bozard

April 1, 2010

Cub Report
A pair of Alabama school-age sisters—and their mom—take on Charleston Fashion Week

WRITTEN BY Melissa Bigner with Scout Treadwell


At the stage-right corner under the tents at Charleston Fashion Week (CFW), an unlikely trio set up camp night in and out, perched intently on the edge of their front-row seats. Maybe you saw them? Most noticeable was nine-year-old Adeline, camera at the ready, snapping thoughtful, measured shots for her Facebook page. She was joined by her 12-year-old sister, Marie Anne (or “Scout”), equally focused and noting every last look that came down the runway. And Mom Karen Treadwell supervised, as all three celebrated a Dadeville, Alabama, spring break that just so happened to coincide with CFW 2010.

Turns out the threesome had craved a Charleston visit for ages and when they got online to research a trip here, they found out that they could play history buff by day and fashionista by night from March 16 through 20. So they bought weekly CFW passes, signed on for this newsletter, and more. “We have been getting the e-mails and updates on Fashion Week for over six months,” says Karen, who, like her girls, is a big fan of Project Runway. As the countdown to their adventure began, they researched the designers, studied the details of the pending shows, and decided to “cover” the week—Adeline as photographer, Scout as writer, and Karen as “team captain”—to introduce friends and family back home to Charleston style, design, and history.

Scout, who’s a little torn between pursuing theater or journalism via either yearbook or the school newspaper, sent us her write-up and was kind enough to let us share it with you. And lucky for us, Adeline offered up some of her photos as well. So, here's the 2010 Charleston Fashion Week wrap-up from the perspective of a talented pair of tweens.

Scout’s CFW Report:

In my wildest dreams, I could never imagine the experience I would have in Charleston. Every night was a thrill ride! We went to a new, extravagant show each night and arrived back at the Francis Marion Hotel around midnight. On that rollercoaster, I met exceptionally bright, professional women and men who have made their way in the world by pursuing their lifelong dreams in design, marketing, editing, or anything else that they enjoy immensely.

Every night, different lines and a special designer were featured. On Wednesday, some of the stores and brands included Monkee’s of Daniel Island, Banana Republic, Sucker Jeans, Thera M., House of Sage, and Palm Avenue. The featured designer, Mychael Knight, debuted his “Carte Blanche” collection, which featured various textures of materials in solid white and solid black pieces. As the week progressed, many other stores and designers, such as Tommy Bahama, Pearl, Mary Porter, LaRoque Studio Boutique, and Ashley Reid’s collection, were shown.

One day, as we strolled down Wentworth Street before the shows, my mom, sister, and I were graciously ushered into Mary Porter’s studio by her sisters Ellen and Beverly. We had just seen her elegant collection the night before, and they recognized us, as we had been on the front row taking pictures of her gowns. The ladies treated us with real Southern hospitality, as was true with everyone we met in Charleston.

For Saturday’s Bridal Couture show, models were presented as if it were their big day. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. While the orchestra played rock tunes with classical instruments, the women gracefully yet fiercely pranced down the runway. The tent and event was like a fairytale wedding.

Charleston Fashion Week was a trip like no other! From meeting the magnificent Mary Porter herself to witnessing every other show and designer, I am certain I will never forget the experience I had in Charleston.

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Thu, 04/01/2010