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April 2011


Finding old Florida in Fernandina Beach and the shores of Amelia Island


Secession, slavery, states’ rights. Flag controversies, reenactments, monuments. The Civil War conjures ghosts and shadows. Hunleys and heroes, and conflict still here, where the first shots were fired 150 years ago.

One couple’s James Island garden comes of age

Arts Profile

Julia Cart preserves our natural and cultural legacy with black-and-white photographs evocative of a period long past


Local horticulturists and volunteers gear up to save a national treasure

Local Music

Tennis enthusiast Emily Brown rallies to establish a lifelong love of the game in the city’s youth

Local Music

This month marks two decades of growth for one of the city’s favorite music venues


Bandied about for decades, a statue of controversial politico John C. Calhoun returned home 80 years ago

Style File

This season’s waterproof jackets make a stylish splash

Quick Bite

The owner of Alluette’s Café celebrates a healthful, homegrown harvest

The Review
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Lowcountry Produce keeps old-fashioned Southern flavor in kitchens year-round

Quick Bite

Austria’s signature wine, grüner veltliner, has worked its way back into America’s cool crowd, and its timing couldn’t be better. Juicy with a mild acidity, this white grape makes the perfect warm-weather sip and is known for pairing well with most any food.

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Jennifer and Enan Parezo share an easy recipe for spring crab cakes

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Meet marmalade-maker and longtime tour guide Laura Wichmann Hipp

Southern View

One man’s ongoing battle for yard improvement

Lowcountry Ramblings

Grab a bucket and dig into spring’s “real” crop at U-pick strawberry farms