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August 2009

WRITTEN BY: Pete Rerig

“Basically, I live and breathe Clemson football. My life revolves around supporting the team and organizing the local fan base. I can’t imagine things any other way.”

Year Graduated:

President of the Charleston County Clemson Club, chair-elect of the Clemson Women’s Alumni Council, host of Bring Your Daughter to Clemson Weekend 2009, and Charleston County vice IPTAY chair

Ultimate Paraphernalia:
My first Tiger rag (a bandana)

Game-Day Tradition:
In a word: “tailgate!” She and husband Ryan have a house near Clemson dubbed the “Pendleton Paw Palace” and start at 7 a.m. for every home game.

“My life revolves around Clemson; when I’m shopping I look for anything orange. I even have a tiger paw on my suitcase.”

Small World:
“I was at an art museum in London and was carrying my tiger paw backpack. Someone from Greenville came up to me and said, ‘My father graduated from Clemson in 1938!’”


Photographs (6) by Tyler Lacross; Helmet image courtesy of Ridell, inc., Photographs (2) by Zach Suggs, photographS (4) by Brian Hennessey, Photograph by Rob Williams.