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"Citizen-Science for Swallow-Tailed Kites: A Conservation Success Story"

Date & Time

Saturday, March 17, 2012 - 3:00pm


Sewee Visitor & Environmental Education Center, 5821 Hwy. 17 N., Awendaw

Event Details

Ever noticed the beautiful and fancy feathers of a swallow-tailed kite in the blue skies of the Lowcountry? The unmistakable forked tail is a dead giveaway for spotting these black and white raptors. The elanid kite breeds from the Southeastern U.S. to eastern Peru and northern Argentina and while it has yet to make the government's list of endangered or threatened species, it is considered endangered by the state of South Carolina and threatened and rare by other Southern states. Sadly, the destruction of their habitats in woodlands and forested wetlands is the primary factor in their demise.  Join director with the Nature Conservancy, Maria Whitehead and research coordinator and educator at the Center for Birds of Prey, Jennifer McCarthy Tyrrell in an informative and timely presentation about what you can do to help. Sewee Visitor & Environmental Education Center, 5821 Hwy. 17 N., Awendaw. Saturday, 3pm. (843)928-3368. 

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