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Charleston Artists

  • August 2013

    Joy Vandervort-Cobb lights up local stages with her powerful presence and punchy wit

  • August 2013

    As far as the independent singer-songwriter is concerned, her stint on American Idol ended on a perfect note, setting the stage for her biggest moment yet & the release of her self-produced debut album, due out this month

  • July 2013

    After years away from the easel, Marissa Vogl embraces her strong and colorful style

  • June 2013

    Singer-songwriter Steven Fiore proves his musical chops in his debut full-length album

  • May 2013

    Get big laughs from teen improv comedians

  • May 2013

    Carl Palazzolo’s annual sojourn to a Charleston garden inspires watercolor works

  • March 2013

    Lulie Wallace’s creative industry blooms from vibrant floral paintings to cheery textiles

  • February 2013

    Karen Ann Myers takes art to the bedroom with thought-provoking contemporary paintings

  • Five artists who are making their mark on the Holy City

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