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Donate gently used goods from around the house. + shop the treasures of other donors = brilliant way to support pet rescue efforts in the Lowcountry!

It doesn't take a home editor to recognize that the homey, nesting types are often doting pet owners. In nearly every house I scout, there's a dog or cat roaming the halls and settling into sunny corners and comfy laps while I chat with their owner. And I'd say at least half of the animals I meet are rescues, either scooped up from the roadside or plucked from shelters like Pet Helpers (, the Charleston Animal Society (, or organizations like them. That's why I think the idea of creating a household goods consignment store to raise money for animal shelters is a winner. Agree?

Here are the details:

The shop, Animal Helpers ReTAIL Resale Store, is accepting donations NOW. A joint fundraising venture between the Charleston Animal Society and Pet Helpers, it opens in December at 1601 Savannah Highway in West Ashley. Currently, they're accepting donations of appliances, new construction materials, furniture, decorative items, lamps, artwork, linens, and more. For more information on how to donate or about the Animal Helpers ReTAIL Resale Store, call Jon Skelton at (843) 277-2010 or e-mail at