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You never know what's going to make its way through the doors of our magazine office. Towering cakes and pastries, bridal gowns, make-up samples—with several magazines in production, it runs the gamut. Yesterday, style director Ayoka Lucas was running a product shoot with a woodland theme, and called me upstairs to the studio to take a look at one of the lamps her staff had picked up. She thought our readers might like to take a peek, and I agreed.

Why? It's right in line with the organic, woodsy themes showing up in both fashion and home furnishings these days, particularly heading into fall, plus it has a place in both contemporary and traditional rooms. Its proportions are all mod, as is the weathered, organic base handmade from twisted, eucalyptus branches, but the hues (play-well-with-others neutrals) and the basic idea of a true wood construction keep it grounded, so to speak.  
Wooden Branches Lamp, $495
2' x 20" 
Available at Morris Sokol
510 King Street, Charleston
(843) 722-3874