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(Caption: the Mechanic's Beacon Light from Anthropologie, priced a mere $40 more than I casually forked over for the below-mentioned dress) 

At a time when I am giving my entire apartment the severe silent treatment (as if it’s the rooms’ fault they look so tired and disjointed), I’ve been thinking: Does anyone know what stops us from making the changes in our houses that we know need? We all cite time and money. As if they'd solve everything. Decoration punch lists would be nonexistent. Everything would be in place.

Give me a break. Earlier this week, I plopped down $98 for a dress at White House Black Market that I’ll be able to wear roughly four months of the year (I love it—cool little cabana dress, perfect for summer, I’m getting off track, aren’t I?). This was exactly one day after I spent an entire free Sunday lounging around, reading a hilarious new book I found (it’s called Apologize, Apologize! By Elizabeth Kelly—run, don’t walk, to get a copy). So there I was, at a time when I recognize that my house needs more TLC than ever, flushing away both money and time as if I have secret treasure chests filled with both.

So what’s the deal? If I had to guess, I’d say that decorating involves more than just one decision (like the dress I bought)—it's about a series of decisions. Yes, the same gal who confidently tours house after house for my work, hand picking the ones which are just right for stories, boldly telling writers the distinct high points of each house (color palettes, architecture, the way the sofa and chairs look just right against the fireplace...), captioning photos with statements on what makes these rooms work. But that’s Monday through Friday Ellen. Weekends, it’s a different ball game. I walk into the living room, heave a big sigh at the furnishings as a collective, and walk out.

So on this breezy Friday, I’m hoping that recognition and admission are the first steps in problem solving. If there’s anyone else out there who’s part of the “money and time” excuse chorus, how about a little strength in numbers? Let’s do something this weekend. Select a fabric. Repair a chair. Paint a table. Buy a lamp. Toss something that doesn’t belong. And then we’ll check in again next Friday, see what’s next on the list... Sound like a plan?