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On Wednesday, we shot an incredible "pool house" on Sullivan's Island. The architecture is a real departure from what we typically see around here and is reflective of the owners' decidedly urban sensibilities. Charleston is no stranger to contemporary styles, but rarely do you see these from the street. Mostly, they're played out in the furnishings.

This guest pavilion was dreamed up by New York architect Stephen Yablon to house additional guest quarters and an office. It stretches off the main residence.

Here's a quick peek at photographer Peter Frank Edwards and our team shooting the exterior pool/garden/lounge area and interior rooms. Look for the story this spring or summer!

Assistant Hannah Maple works poolside to arrange cushions that had been put away for the season. 

Photographer Peter Frank Edwards


Frank's assistant Josh helps get the pool furniture into the shot.


That's me, styling the living area of the guest pavilion. Here, Frank and I agreed on a particular angle for this room and I get it shaped up accordingly. I try to work one room ahead of him, so when he's finished in one room, the next is ready for him to frame up and shoot.

Starting on the office. The desk looks a little spare here, but from Frank's angle (just to the right of this shot), a small number of interesting objects that belong kept the focus on the architecture and composition of the room.


Me, fooling with the windows in the office. .

Frank shooting into the living room I'd just set up.