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It has not been that many years ago when you would know just about everyone in the Charleston airport and, perhaps, where they were going or where they had been. It was a great place to catch up with friends, neighbors, and family. Those feelings were back today as the noon flight was filled with friends and neighbors sojourning to New York for the Winter Antiques Show. Conversations volleyed across the terminal with information on who was dining with whom, who was staying where, and who was seeing what.

I found myself at baggage claim with young Jack Maybank, Helen Pratt-Thomas, Randall Felkel, and Charleston/New York resident Kay Dunne, along with her precious pug, Tallulah. Once the plane wheels hit the tarmac, the race began, as the first Winter Antiques Show party would start in just two hours. Dapper Southern art dealer Rob Hicklin sped off in one direction, as Dunne, Felkel, and I shared a cab, destined for her apartment on 57th Street and our home for the next four days, the Metropolitan Club on Park Avenue and 60th. 

First up is a private reception hosted by new Charleston resident Sarah Dunnen at the Union Club for an hour and then Historic Charleston Foundation's 5pm preview reception at the Park Avenue Armory. 

As they say in the races, “We’re Off!”

Pictured above: Randall Felkel with Tallulah, Kay Dunne, Helen Pratt-Thomas, and Jack Maybank